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Hello blog readers!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and follow along as I start my journey into ProLoss360.

At little about myself!  I am a soon to be 32 year old mom of 2 girls, 19 months and 6 years, wife to an awesome paramedic and fire fighter for 5, office manager to a small sales rep office and co-owner of ProLoss360.  I am a leader of my daughter’s Girl Scout troop, cheer mom, caretaker to my 94 year old grandma, American bulldog mom, chicken lady, Crossfit athlete and chaos coordinator!  My life is extremely busy with other people’s schedules as well as some time for my own things, but ultimately my life is a blast and I couldn’t ask for much else…except for a healthier body!

Here is where my journey begins.  Several years ago, my dad (Dr. Glenn Pedersen, DC, CCWP and founder of ProLoss360) started ProLoss360.  At the time I just thought of it as a supplement and didn’t give it much thought.  As he started down his journey, I saw an opportunity to jump on board and assist him with getting ProLoss360 into the hands of great clinicians and into the hands of people in need of a lifestyle change.  While the thought of this was great, there was this huge elephant in the room…that huge elephant happens to be ME!  A 265 pound co-owner of a weight-loss company!  Seems a bit ironic doesn’t it?

So in order for me to authenticate our product and truly show you that ProLoss360 works, I am going to be doing a weekly blog through my new lifestyle journey.  In the very beginning, before I started blogging, I weighed a total of 298 pounds.  That was the max weight I had ever reached.  As I am sure most overweight people understand, there wasn’t many pictures of myself that showed my whole body.  Thankfully, my 6 year old was able to snap a blurry but pretty decent depiction of my 298 pound self.

Sara at 295lbs.

295 lbs.

Starting on September 17, you will be getting weekly full body shots as well as a scale shot so you can see how my body is changing.  My weekly meal plans will be provided in the Meal Plan section of the website and also get ready for some exciting video blogs to come your way!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog and I look forward to having you follow along with me!

Sara Fairfield

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